Prashant Kunte

  • He is the founder of Gurukul, a platform that aims to provide quality education and guidance to students and teachers alike. He has been a teacher, educator and a mentor for over two decades, and he enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with others. He has a diverse academic background, with an MBA in Management Information System, a postgraduate degree in History, and a postgraduate diploma in Computer Applications. He is also a certified personal trainer and a career counsellor, and he helps people achieve their fitness and professional goals.
  • He loves to stay active and healthy, and he practices various sports and activities such as swimming, running, cycling, trekking, biking and yoga. He has participated in several sport events, and he always looks for new challenges. He is also interested in learning, performing and spreading music and sports, as he believes they are essential for the holistic development of individuals and communities. He is passionate about math and physics, and he has a knack for making complex concepts easy to understand. His teaching style is interactive and engaging, and he always tries to involve his students in the learning process. He values teamwork and collaboration, and he strives to foster the growth of his team members.

Dr. Geetanjali Kunte

  • She has dual master's degrees with gold medals in Biochemistry and Food and Nutrition, which gives her a strong background in teaching chemistry and biology.
  • She has been a teacher for more than 20 years, and she enjoys helping students understand complex topics in a simple and engaging way.
  • She also likes to organize extracurricular activities that foster a healthy culture among students, such as dinners, games, talent programs, and field trips. As a dietician, she advises students on how to eat well and maintain a balanced diet. She is always eager to learn new things, visit new places, and cook delicious dishes.

Dr. Tripti A. Dwivedi

  • With 22 years of dedicated experience in education, including a decade as Vice Principal in a CBSE school, She brings a wealth of expertise to understand and meet the unique learning needs of students across all age groups. Her educational background includes a Ph.D. in Chemistry and a B.Ed. from Vikram University.
  • As an empathetic educator, She excels in analyzing and addressing the educational requirements and learning capacities of each student, fostering an environment that blends teaching with passion and values. A proven optimist and effective counselor, she is adept at efficiently managing teamwork.
  • She is a recipient of the Young Scientist Award from SHAKTI Mahila unit of VIGYAN BHARTI. She has actively participated in the N.S.S. Pre Republic Day cum National Integration Camp in Hyderabad under the Ministry of Human Resources Development, and earned certificates from both N.C.C. and N.S.S.

Ashwini Akolekar

  • With a B.Sc. in Botany from Pune University, M.Sc. in Life Sciences from DAVV Indore, and a B.Ed. from IGNOU—all secured with first-class distinctions—her commitment to excellence is evident.
  • Her extensive 22+ years in various schools like Progressive Education, and Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar is noteworthy. The opportunity to craft Environmental Studies and create a graphic novel on the Magical 3R's demonstrates her creativity and dedication to innovative teaching methods.
  • Her commitment to "Teaching Science by doing" reflects a hands-on approach, ensuring a practical and engaging learning experience. Leveraging music and drawings to captivate students showcases her ability to make education enjoyable and memorable.

Amit Soni

  • A Pharmacy graduate with more than 7 years of experience, he is passionate about chemistry and teaching. With his skills, knowledge and experience, he excels in both fields. He skillfully combines the scientific rigor of chemistry with the pedagogical art of teaching. His most important virtue is interacting with students individually and tailoring his lectures to suit their needs and interests. He enjoys teaching in a friendly and engaging way, making chemistry fun and joyful for many students.

Mukesh Bagdi

  • A renowned educator who can elevate your journey in Physics. Mr. Bagdi, is a highly qualified and experienced physics teacher who has been teaching CBSE and ICSE students for over 30 years. He has a BSc from Rajasthan University, where he was the college topper, an MSc in Physics from Vikram University, where he secured the second rank, and an MPhil and BEd from the same university. He has also been awarded the National Best Science Teacher by Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, a prestigious recognition for his excellence in teaching. He has taught more than 20,000 students in his career, and has produced more than 50 board toppers. He has also mentored numerous students who have qualified for JEE, NEET, and NDA exams. He is a specialist teacher who can cater to all students, from slow learners to brilliant minds. He is a dedicated PGT Physics with 30 years of service in Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan. He is an expert in preparing students for physics board exams, and ensures that they master the concepts and skills required for success. He is not just a teacher, but an example of lifelong passion for teaching.

Praveen Pawar

  • He is a vital member of the Gurukul team, responsible for managing the administrative, financial and other related activities at Gurukul.
  • He ensures that the faculties have all the support they need and the teaching process is as smooth as possible. He is a professional, dedicated and efficient leader who works hard to maintain the high standards of Gurukul.

Vidhi Bhatt

  • With a master's degree in organic chemistry and a bachelor's degree in education, she is now working towards her second master's degree in education. She has gained valuable insights into child development and sexual education through the Pradhan Mantri Internship program.
  • She loves to teach science and relate it to the real world. She strives to nurture the overall growth of her students, not only in academics, but also in social and personal aspects. Apart from teaching, she has a variety of hobbies, such as sketching, dancing, adventure trips, astrology, poetry writing, script writing, and anchoring. Her vision as an educator is to spark a lifelong passion for learning by designing lessons that are exciting, authentic, engaging, and relevant to the students' lives.

Deepti Nayar

  • She has a passion for teaching biology and inspiring students to explore the wonders of life. As a teacher with a B.Sc, M.Sc and B.Ed in Biological Science, she has a strong background in the subject and a proven track record of academic excellence. She has taught in CBSE and ICSE Schools for 9 years, using innovative and engaging methods to deliver the curriculum.
  • She has also completed various courses to enhance her skills and knowledge, such as Digital Pedagogy, Creating a Positive Learning Environment, Science of DNA Fingerprinting, Molecular Cloning Techniques and Biotechniques. These courses have enabled her to incorporate cutting-edge research and technology into her lessons, making them more relevant and interesting for the students.
  • As a biology teacher, she aims to foster a supportive and stimulating learning environment where students can develop their curiosity, creativity and critical thinking skills. She believes that biology is not only a subject, but also a way of understanding the world and ourselves. She is eager to share her enthusiasm and expertise with the students and help them achieve their full potential.

Kapil Khandelwal

  • An active member of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organizations in Indore, a devoted devotee of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, and an accomplished marathon runner, biker, swimmer, and state-level table tennis player. He is also a talented singer, instrumentalist, and voice-over artist. In addition, Kapil is a Yajurvedi methodology Veda chanter, dramatist, motivational speaker, and YouTuber. With over 15 years of experience working in finance and information technology, Kapil also serves as a visiting faculty member in management colleges and a consultant in marketing, business development, and process implementation for IT companies.
  • He is a specialist child psychologist and looks after the learning, behavior, development, growth, stress, anxiety, depression related issues of the students.